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24 Hours by Claire Seeber

24 hours
24 hours by Claire Seeber
24 hours had a fairly slow start, around 50% it ramped up and I thought that it was going to be a five star read, but sadly it didn’t carry on that way. I am really torn between giving this book three or four stars.

’24 hours is the story of Laurie and a hellish 24 hours in her life. The books short chapters jump from those 24 hours to the past, allowing the story of how Laurie got to be where she currently is to unfold. I’m not hugely keen on books that jump between past and present, yet it did work in this instance.

The author attempts to confuse the reader with who might have done it, and indeed done what, but I think that the majority of readers will work out who did what before the big unveil. I hadn’t however, worked out the motivation for that person to do such things, but when it came to it I have to say that I didn’t really care.

I was torn on whether to give this book three or four stars, at one point when reading I thought it was going to be a rare five star read, but in the end I went for four stars. The reason being that I wanted to keep reading, I stayed up later than intended to read 24 Hours, which to me means that it has to be over three stars.

So while 24 Hours is a good and enjoyable read it did have something missing, and I think that was the fact that I really never cared much about Laurie and what had happened and why. For some reason I felt no compassion for her situation, and although the whole book was focused around Laurie and the safety of her daughter Polly, I never at any point felt that Polly was actually in real danger and might get hurt. Ok, so now I’m thinking of changing my review to three stars.

I was given an ARC of 24 Hours by Bookouture via Netgalley in return for an honest review.’

I will be taking part in an online book club about this book, with the author participating to answer questions about 24 hours. I may amend this after if I find out anything interesting.

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