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Bricking It by Nick Spalding

bricking it
Bricking It by Nick Spalding

A 4* laugh out loud read. Not hugely funny but lots of chuckles. Enjoy!

‘Bricking It is not the sort of book that I normally read. I’m not sure that I can remember the last time I read a book that was classified as humour. I am now converted. I am normally a crime/thriller kinda girl and it was actually so nice to read a book where I wasn’t wondering who would die next, or who would turn out to be a murderer, and where I laughed out loud. I also quite liked a nice, happy ending with no shocks or dramas.

Bricking it follows two siblings who inherit a very run down farmhouse, they decide to do it up and sell it on, hoping to make a huge profit. The whole book focuses on the process they go through. Doesn’t sound very interesting really does it? But it kept me interested and chuckling along, it was a fun and easy read.

I’ll probably go back to reading a crime book next, but I think that a break from that genre is very healthy and I’ll definitely be looking at other books by Nick Spalding to provide some light relief.

I was given a copy of Bricking It by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review.’

Bricking It is available from Amazon UK

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