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No Name Lane by Howard Linskey


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No Name Lane by Howard Linskey

‘No Name Lane is the first book that I’ve read by Howard Linskey. I came across it on TBC on Facebook when the author was looking for people to read and review two of his books. I liked the sound of it so thought I’d give it a go.

I hadn’t realised how long the book was, at 496 pages it is not a quick read. I have to admit that at times I wanted to give up, it felt like progress was slow and I have so many other books that I want to read. But I was intrigued and wanted to know what would happen.

No Name Lane is definitely a slow burner of a book, although it grabbed me from the start the pace slowed right down. The benefit of this is that it allowed for great character development, and I particularly liked Tom who is the main character. It was also refreshing to read a book where the police detective wasn’t the lead character, instead Tom who is a local reporter is the one who the book focuses on.

There are twists and turns but as I said they are slowly revealed. I did enjoy No Name Lane and thought the writing and character development were excellent, but it was too long. Had it been shorter I probably would have given it 5*’s instead of 4.

I received a copy of No Name Lane in return for an honest review.’

While writing this review I thought about the length and looked at some other books that I’ve read and enjoyed, most were at least 100 pages shorter but one book, Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton is exactly the same length. Yet I never thought that book was too long. I’m not sure what that says about No Name Lane, but I think because the writing style is slow and steady it made it feel longer. Who knows.

No Name Lane is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US now.

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