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Risks I’ve Taken- by Karen Rose

alone in the dark

‘Risks I’ve taken’: Karen Rose talks about jumping into the breach.

Every time I start a book, it’s an emotional risk – and a terror.  It’s like standing at the edge of ravine and realizing that the first step is a freakin’ lulu.  Parts of me end up in the book, whether I want them to or not.  That’s great when it’s a heroine who is totally kickass, but when it’s the villain … not so cool.  

Most of the time I’ll worry, Gee, I hope nobody thinks that I’m really like that.  But there have been a few villains I’ve read later and thought, Dang girl, I do that.  (Not killing anyone, of course, but sometimes the OCD stuff.  Or sometimes the evil villain laugh spills out, too.  Bwahaha.)

I sold my first book in Dec, 2001 and it was released in July, 2003.  For eighteen months I waited…  It was like being double-pregnant and waiting for the child to finally emerge.  New mothers sometimes experience a panic shortly before birth – OMG, I’m going to be responsible for a LIVING THING. I won’t breathe easily for the REST of my LIFE!

About a month before the release of DON’T TELL, I felt a similar panic.  OMG, I’m going to have a real book.  On the shelves.  People will READ it.  AND KNOW WHAT’S INSIDE MY HEAD!   ACK, my thoughts are NAKED!

It’s emotional exposure at its most extreme. 

Now, thirteen years and sixteen books later, I’ve learned to live with the risk and to mask the panic.  And to only claim ownership of the parts of me that end up in my good guys!